Martedì, Set 2022

Lamptron Hall of Fame-English

With the spread of Personal Computers, hardware and peripherals with increasingly aggressive look, the most courageous users have slowly taken the road of modding. Similarly to the  car tuning phenom ...

SilverStone TJ11, the King of Kings

Let me make an introduction to this article: the review you will read today, for me, is a personal achievement! Since the SilverStone TJ11 came on the market I said "I have to test it!" I tried to do my bes ...

AMD FX-8150: Bulldozer on the bench table

In this article we'll show you a detailed analysis of the performance of the AMD FX-8150, top of the range of proposals based on the new Bulldozer architecture. The tests provide a full suite of tests in wh ...


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